Content Marketing and Copywriting

Harnessing the power of effective Content Marketing and Copywriting can significantly improve a business’s results by captivating its target audience, increasing engagement, and driving conversions.

Customer-Centric Content Marketing and Copywriting

Empowering Your Business with Effective Communication

At our core, we prioritize you, the customer. We don't simply string together beautiful words; we go above and beyond to understand your needs, conduct thorough research, brainstorm innovative ideas, and meticulously refine every detail, sparing you the effort.

We're not happy until you're seeing results.

Original content
We specialize in crafting persuasive copy that captivates your audience and drives conversions. From sales pages and landing pages to engaging blog posts, our team is dedicated to helping you effectively communicate with your customers. Additionally, we offer expertise in creating authentic and tailored content, whether it's compelling product descriptions, informative blog posts, or customized ebooks that cater specifically to your target market and business requirements.
SEO-friendly content
By strategically incorporating relevant keywords and implementing effective SEO techniques, we help maximize your visibility and improve your chances of being discovered by your specific target audience, and ensuring that your online presence is fully optimized for search engines
More traffic = more leads  = more sales
Our Content Marketing and Copywriting service is carefully crafted to optimize the impact of your marketing efforts. Through data-driven analysis, strategic messaging, and proven techniques, we generate compelling content that captivates your audience, drives conversions, and propels your business towards exponential growth and increased profitability.

Our Process / Workflow

General overview of our process and workflow cycle

Content Brief
The project and the relevant structure of the content is collected from client.
Keyword Research
We research for relevant keywords to use in the content creation based on the content brief.
Content creation
We write the copy based on content brief and keyword research
Editing and QC
We perform several rounds of QC, editing, proofreading, duplicate content and plagiarism checks
Finalized content is packaged and provided to client

Content Marketing and Copywriting

Package Pricing

At 582 Digital, we believe in transparency. So we don't hide our prices. We give you a detailed estimate before we start working together so you know how much you will spend.
Product Description
SEO optimized content for ecommerce product descriptions on Amazon listings, Shopify, etc.
Up to 150 words
Strategic keyword use in copy
Keyword research included
Images: $100 per image
Duplicate Content Analysis
Plagiarism Checker
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Website Content
SEO optimized content for landing pages and featured web content
Up to 500 words
Strategic keyword use in copy
Keyword research included
Images: $75 per image
Duplicate Content Analysis
Plagiarism Checker
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SEO optimized content for Blogs/Articles
Up to 900 words
Strategic keyword use in copy
Keyword research included
Images: $65 per image
Duplicate Content Analysis
Plagiarism Checker
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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Content Marketing and Copywriting Service
How to do you price your content creation services?

Pricing varies depending on what the business needs are. Check out the pricing section above for the most used content creation needs.

Is the content created unique?

Yes. All content/copy created goes through a duplicate content and plagiarisms checker to make sure they are unique.

What is the difference between content marketing and copywriting?

Most business use a mix of the two so it can get a bit blurred. Copywriting gets a reader to take a specific action like make a purchase while content marketing is the act of creating and sharing content to attract and convert prospects into customers then into repeat customers. To get a better picture here are the avenues each uses. Content marketing: blogs, podcasts, and email autoresponders. Copywriting: sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

Do you or I own the rights to the content created?

You do! While we are the ones creating the content, you own the rights once it's been paid for.

Still have a question?

Don't hesitate to ask us! We're here to help
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