5 Free/Paid Email Marketing tools help with your email campaign efforts

582 Team • July 16, 2023

Crafting the message

Tool: Grammarly

What it is: Grammarly is a free and powerful tool that helps proofread any piece of writing. It finds spelling mistakes, grammar errors, word choice issues, and even plagiarism. Grammarly makes content clear, mistake-free, and more persuasive.

Why you need it: The quality of your email can be measured by the use of grammar and spelling. Always run a quick check before you send it out to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. This can help you avoid ending up in the spam folder.

Pricing: Free, $12/m, and $15/m


Layout and Design

Tool: Canva

What it is: Canva is a tool that makes design simple and fast. It’s a free online graphic design software that allows you to create beautiful designs for anything you need. It’s easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality, plus it offers a huge library of free images and templates.

Why you need it: Crafting an email or newsletter can be tough. Canva can help you make a visually appealing template to convey the message that you want your customers to read.

Pricing: Free, $12.99/m, and $14.99/m


Make sure it looks right

Tool: Email on Acid

What it is: Email on acid is an email testing platform. It allows users to test their emails before sending them out to be sure they’re compatible with all major email clients.

Why you need it: I often see companies code an email template in a web browser and think that it will look the same in email clients. The truth is that it won’t. Every email client renders email code differently, which is why you need to use a platform like “Email on Acid” to make sure it looks right and make any adjustments if needed.

Pricing: starting $74/m to $599/m


Email Verification

Tool: Zero Bounce

What it is: ZeroBounce is an email scoring and deliverability platform that helps brands increase their inbox placement through email verification.

Why you need it: Did you know sending emails to an email address that does not exist too many can land you in the spam folder? Doing regular email verifications/clean-up of your email list will help keep you in the inbox and out of the spam folder.

Pricing: Free up to 100 emails, starting at $15/m


The Send

Tool: Mailchimp

What it is: Mailchimp is a comprehensive email marketing platform that helps send and automate your email communications with your customers.

Why you need it: Easy to use, drag and drop editor, and great support.

Pricing: Free up to 10K emails/m, starting at $11/m


Final Thoughts

Emails are still the best and most-profitable avenue for any business to use. Before you send out your next email, use the tools and tips provided to get better deliverability and conversion.

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Table of Contents

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